Coping With Pain During Covid19 Lockdown Day 30

Louise Trewern
22 April 2020

This week has been about finding things to keep active and distract from my pain!

I imagine we are all doing things that we haven’t done for a long time whether it’s reading that book you’ve had on the go for the last six months or finishing a project you started ages ago always meaning to finish when you had the time. I found myself with an overwhelming urge to bake a cake, Something I used to do often when my children were all living at home, but I have avoided in recent years because of my weight loss goals. I love baking however and decided it will be worth gaining a pound or two during lockdown to flex my withering baking muscles just a little!

The result was a delicious Raspberry Jam & Custard Layer Cake I had never made before. Next on my ‘to bake’ list is a Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake; I will let you know next week how that goes.

My knee pain persists but is getting better gradually, I have had to be strict with myself though, making sure I do my physio exercises daily, and when resting I have used a heat pack on it which is great. I know the exercises will pay off in pain relief but sometimes it is extremely hard to apply yourself even when you know it will help.

Karen and I try and do a short local walk every day which usually includes 195 steps and is a big help to my knee, they are not big steps fortunately and I use walking poles which are a big help. Our daily walk is so important for physical and mental wellbeing.

My Covid19 emotional rollercoaster keeps on going up and down and I really wish I could stop and get off; I am sure I am not alone in that! Today I found myself wishing I could spend time with my children and grandchildren and hug them, we all understand the reasons we must stay at home and not mix with anyone we don’t live with but it’s not easy. We are all I am sure very aware of those less fortunate than ourselves, but it doesn’t make our hearts ache any less for the things we miss or have lost. It must be a type of national indeed global grief! We know that pain often increases when we are grieving so it’s important to try and focus every day on the good and positive things in our lives. When I feel especially low, I go outside into the garden and breath deeply, listen to the birds, feel the breeze on my face, the sunshine on my skin, take in the aroma of nature! I believe they call it being mindful, it certainly helps me to feel better. If your in total isolation try sitting in an open window.

I also set about making masks for myself and the family to wear when shopping which served as a distraction and also helped me to feel empowered, I was doing something to help minimise the risk when out in public.

I’ll let you decide if I look like a highwaywoman  😄

Look after yourselves !