Coping With Pain During Covid19 Lockdown Day 40

Louise Trewern
2 May 2020

I came across a new word this week that I think aptly describes our emotions at this time ‘Coronacoaster’ I like it! I never know when my ‘coronacoaster’ is about dive but at least I know that for every dive it does it will go up again and just as quickly. I think it’s reassuring to know that it’s quite normal to feel like this and that we are all experiencing this ‘coroanacoaster’ ride together even if we are at different points along it.

When it began I couldn’t imagine how on earth I would cope with it and it’s hard to believe that we are already on day 40!  I think we adapting to our new normal quite well although I realise we are luckier than those who do not have an outside space to enjoy! Or those who live in tower blocks! If you are one of these people, I cannot pretend to know what it’s like for you or how you are feeling, but I would say that you should grab every opportunity to breathe in fresh air even if that’s only through an open window or a balcony door!

I am still struggling with my knee pain and this week I have had to reduce my activity a little to allow some recovery time! As I write this I am sat with a bag of frozen peas,  wrapped in a towel, on my knee to reduce the swelling! Karen and I did a 2.74 mile walk including the 195 steps up to the church this afternoon and I find that my knee actually feels a little better after it, after all ‘Motion Is Lotion’ 😄👣

I usually prefer heat to ice but I know ice is good for reducing swelling and I will do anything to ease the pain and discomfort except take Opioid pain medication like codeine! I have had some paracetamol and that’s all!

Karen and I have been starting our mornings with the NHS 5 minute morning workout  and that has definitely made a difference to how much energy and focus we have after waking. I would definitely recommend it, you start off lying down and gradually get up.

We bought a dart board this week from an online retailer and that’s great fun in the evenings and fantastic for keeping us off the sofa and active!

It’s quite hilarious too, we have to shut the cats in the lounge because our darts tend to miss the board all together sometimes and we don’t want to risk an emergency trip to the vet to remove a dart from one of them 😄

Gardening is still in the top 10 of things we enjoy to keep active, along with my #LockdownBakingTherapy which this week included Cheese Scones following the National Trust recipe and Zingy Lemon Cupcakes.

We found an old badminton set hiding in the shed and decided to give that a go earlier in the week and that too was hilarious and great fun! It took some time before either of us could actually hit the shuttlecock 😂 but we got there in the end and enjoyed it immensely! We did consider purchasing ‘Swingball’ but I think the rest of the country had the same idea as there isn’t one to be found anywhere online at the moment, which is good because it means everyone is doing their utmost to stay active!

We have a new project in the garden, a wildlife pond in an old white sink that contained a very pot bound shrub, will let you all know how that goes!

The biggest message in all this…keeping as active as possible is the best way to control our pain, being busy distracts the mind!