Coping With Pain During Covid19 Lockdown Day –Day 65

Louise Trewern
27 May 2020

It’s been a pretty good week for me this week, apart from trying to invent a new hairstyle out of my lockdown gabsnest!! The only comfort is that the entire country has bad hair right now.

My ‘coronacoaster’ has been mostly level for the first time since lockdown began, I have made a few changes which I believe have helped enormously!

I decided to join a well-known diet app and have therefore given up eating all the self-indulgent loveliness I was baking during the first 8 weeks of lockdown! Instead, I followed one of their recipes and made a low calorie ‘Zesty Soaked Sponge’ with the juice and zest of lemons and limes, unfortunately, I need to perfect this so no picture I’m afraid, however the point is it’s possible to still enjoy #BakingTherapy on a diet and just make delicious low calorie, low sugar, low-fat recipes instead! I promise a picture next time 🤞😀

Cutting down the sugar especially has reduced my pain and inflammation considerably and therefore helped my knee!

Along with my change in diet I have been sticking with my physio exercises and our daily local walk, which has been so much nicer with the sun on our skin! A good dollop of vitamin D!

At the beginning of lockdown you may recall that my knee was extremely painful but with the continuation of the physio exercises and keeping active on it with pacing breaks it is so much better and I’m confident of getting complete recovery from this painful spell! It’s so important to put the work in to get rewarded by recovery and then continue to look after the joint or limb going forward! As I’ve said before I think we all look for instant results and that is simply not possible! We have to work for it but my goodness it’s worth it! So I have Arthritis in my knees ‘so what’ I am NOT going to let it tie me to my armchair, I have things to do!! 😊

A really lovely unexpected thing happened to me this week too! I discovered an old school friend has been living at the bottom of our road for the past 11 years and neither of us knew it!!

We have since met up for a socially distant chat and will definitely be seeing a lot more of each other!

I hope you have all had a good week and your ‘coronacoaster’ has been on a level course!


Look after yourselves 😊