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 Video of the class is here!  The Step is a unique movement and breathwork class developed for people who live with pain by Physiotherapist Despoina Karargyri and inspired by Opera North’s Step Into Singing Programme.
It will be a calm, mindful and gentle class, suitable for any level of ability or function. This class can be done from a chair.


The Step is inspired by the warm up and breathing exercises developed by Despoina with Opera Singer Marie-Claire Breen for the very successful Opera North and Footsteps Festival collaboration “Step Into Singing” which brings both the joy of singing and the benefits of the preparation for an act of singing to people who are living with pain.

The Step sessions are open to anyone and attendance to Step into Singing is not required but you may enjoy it so check it out and sign up for further blocks here:

The exercises in The Step will build on those done during the warm-up in Step Into Singing and will focus on the breath, chest, spine, and upper body.

It will be a calm, mindful, stretchy and gentle class, suitable for any level of ability or function. This class can be done from a chair.

The Class is based on the principles of:

  • Simplicity (minimalism after all is the new FAD!)
  • Playfulness (we check judgements on the door)
  • Curiosity (explore what is, rather than what isn’t)
  • Body/Mind connection (after all, they are the same aren’t they? Has anyone seen any minds walking in the wild on their own…hehehe)

The class is an hour with pacing breaks.

If you are interested in this class you may also want to look at En-Joy (Energy and the Joy Of You), also run by Despoina which you can find in the Active Zone Tent.

The first sessions of The Step are now finished  but the class will return we hope in the Autumn – in the meantime please enjoy the video of both The Step here and Enjoy which is also in the Active Zone Tent.


Here is a video of the last session of The Step


Waiver: By using the video you have read and agree to the following:

 Footsteps Festival 2021 recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any activity class. When participating in any movement practise, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this session or course you do so voluntarily and with consultation of a relevant health professional. You agree to be fully responsible for your wellbeing during the session(s) and assume any risk of injury to yourself. 


Hi! I’m Despoina, a physio from Greece with a special interest in pain who fears heights. This interest brought me to this wonderful country so I could study more about pain with the leading minds in the world and work alongside people of clinical excellence. Over the years I’ve joined specialist groups, led teams, joined the British Pain Society, got actively involved with the PPA (Pain Physiotherapy Association), work as the principal pain physio of my team but most of all I discovered working with pain is not about limiting yourself, it is about opening yourself to all possibilities and life.

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