Participate in research exploring the relationship between pain, movement, and music!


Woman dancing - UCL - Explore the relationship between pain movement and music - participate in research

Researchers in UCL are seeking participants with low back pain who live in London and surrounding areas to help explore this fascinating topic.

It will not take up much of your time, should be fun and will contribute to valuable research into persistent pain.

Who is doing the Research?

Kyrill Potapov is a researcher at the UCL Interaction Centre working with Prof. Amanda Williams and Prof. Nadia Berthouze.

What is the Research?

For the last couple of years, they been exploring the relationship between pain, movement, and music.

They are looking for participants or a new study in this area with:
chronic back pain
ideally looking for living in London and surrounding areas.

The study will take approximately 45 minutes in total and would take place at a participant’s home (at a time of their convenience).

What does the study involve?

During the study you will be asked to wear a movement sensor while doing everyday tasks like folding clothes or loading a washing machine. The sensor will respond to your movement with music.

We will then interview you about the experience.

The study is investigating if this technology can support or help people learn about their own movement. Your participation would make a valuable contribution to work on the design of technology for people with chronic pain.

You would receive a small reimbursement of £15 for your time.

How do I participate?

To join the study, or for any questions please email

or call on 07969 322014


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