#UPLiFT2021 – the on-line conference for people living with pain

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On-Line Conference running from 2nd to 23rd November 2021
This is an amazing opportunity for people living with pain, those who care for them and health care professionals to attend events at an on-line conference run by The Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (GAPPA).
Learn about the latest in pain research and management in an easy-to-understand format at the UPLiFT 2021 conference which will run from 2-23rd November.  All sessions include at least one speaker with the lived experience of pain and we hope to join their voices with those of researchers and clinicians for improved pain care.


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The UPLiFT Conference is co-created by people with lived experience of pain, researchers, clinicians, administrators, and others to ensure all perspectives are taken into view. This conference will highlight the importance and value of lived experience perspectives. It will also elevate the patient voice and give those living with pain a platform to share their expertise and insights. This information is necessary in order to truly understand pain.

The Conference runs from the 2nd to the 23rd of November

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Conference Themes
Three overall topics (research, advocacy, and self-management) were decided as tracks. Throughout the discussion, several underlying themes running across the tracks emerged.

Education: All sessions aim to provide relevant and valuable information and resources to attendees. It is especially important for people with the lived experience (PWLE) of pain to understand what is available to them; that they can be involved in various research, clinical, and advocacy efforts; and how to get started in areas that interest them.

Connection: This conference will connect PWLE and pain advocates with one another, as well as connect them to research, resources, education, and clinicians and researchers who are co-designing and coproducing work with PWLE and pain advocates.

Health Equity and Cultural Adaptations: ensuring equitable integration with a specific focus on marginalized groups (racial, gender, indigenous populations, socioeconomic status); access to care and barriers to care; ensuring care, research, etc. are culturally adapted to local audiences.


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Who is GAPPA?

The Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (GAPPA) brings together patient advocates, patient organizations, scientists, clinicians, health care providers, and policymakers to create better outcomes in the awareness, understanding, research, teaching, assessment, and management of pain throughout the world. As an IASP initiative, GAPPA includes pain patient advocates, people living with pain, and those who care for people in pain, as well as pain researchers and clinicians often drawn from IASP’s membership.

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IASP is the International Association for the Study of Pain, and an very important organisation –  find out more here.


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Footsteps Festival at UPLiFT!

This is a very important opportunity to join a great conference covering a wide range of topics – and membership of GAPPA is much encouraged – the joining fee for both GAPPA and the UPLiFT conference is small, but there is help for those of us who will struggle to access it.

The Footsteps Festival will be presenting at UPLiFT on the 2nd November and we are honoured and privileged to do so to support such a wonderful international gathering of experience and collective action. We are also delighted to showcase the wonderful work the Festival has done over 2021 and the difference we believe it is making to our participants.

Making connections such as these, for anyone going as attendees and as contributors to the UPLiFT Conference can only improve the understanding, treatment and significance of pain in the world as a whole so we do encourage participation!

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