VIDEO – Book Plug with Professor Irene Tracey ‘Queen Of Pain’

“The Ladybird Expert Book, “Pain” by Irene Tracey provides a clear, accessible introduction to the experience of pain through some of the best and most recent scientific research available.
Professor Tracey joined us to discuss her book and answer audience questions on October 3rd 2021. The video is available here.

Professor Irene Tracey has dedicated her life and career towards a better understanding and treatment of acute and chronic pain. She is based at the University of Oxford,  She is often referred to by the media as The Queen of Pain – a title she is more than dubious about…. Her work that uses neuroimaging (fancy ways to look at how the human brain and spinal cord function to generate the experience of pain) has given us tremendous insight into what constitutes chronic pain and what goes wrong.  She has published over 220 original articles and is an editor for the definitive textbook on pain. More recently, Irene has published her first book for the public on pain: The Ladybird Expert Series: PAIN. She has appeared and presented on many TV and Radio programs discussing the challenges and issues surrounding pain and has been interviewed on her work – most recently for Jim AlKhalili’s, The Life Scientific.

Irene is a passionate advocate for women in science and for the importance of education for all. She loves communicating about science and her work on pain so that more people can understand how important a topic this is and what more we must all do to help suffering patients. Irene is married to Professor Myles Allen, a climate physicist, and they have three fabulous nearly grown-up children and a lockdown golden retriever puppy!


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