Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) 8 week course


Announcement! New course planned for May-June 2023!

If you are interested please register your interest (button below) for further details and application form.

Commences Friday 5th May at 2pm.

Running for 8 consecutive weeks (occasionally we postpone one week if half term means many won’t be able to attend). Each session is between 90 mins and two hours long.

Hurry places limited!

MBSR was developed by Jon Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in the USA and has been used over thirty years to help people living with a range of long-term conditions including persistent pain.

What to expect from this course?

This free 8-week programme is designed to help participants to understand how stress affects our experience in any moment and learn strategies that offer alternative ways to be with stress.

The course will be held over Zoom, and you will be introduced to a variety of mindfulness practices including body scanning, mindfulness of movement and sitting meditation.

The course will be run by Diarmuid Denenny, a chartered physiotherapist who specialises in persistent (chronic) pain, coach, and mindfulness teacher.

Who will benefit from this course?

The course is suitable for anyone interested in mindful practice, whether you’re completely new to it, or wishing to enhance your existing skills.

If you would like to add meditation to your self-management skills under the guidance of a trained mindfulness teacher, this course may be for you.

The course requires participants to commit to regular home practice – mindfulness is like learning any new skill; the more we practise it the more benefit we tend to notice.


In order to attend this course you confirm you will read the pre-course information sheet (that will be emailed to you) and that you do not have:

  1. Physical health needs that mean you cannot manage to join an online meeting for up to two hours including a break (You will be able to move around, sit, stand, lie down, and change position as much as you need to during the session).
  2. Worsening mental health in the last year that requires professional therapy (this course cannot replace professional therapy) unless your therapist has agreed it is safe for you to attend
  3. A major life event in the last year such as a bereavement, house move, separation, or similar? (this might make the course difficult)
  4. Recent (last 3 months) changes to medication for pain or for mood

If you cannot confirm all four items above then it may be necessary to speak to Diarmuid before booking this course to make sure it is safe for you to take part.

If you are offered a place on this programme you will also need to provide Diarmuid with an emergency contact (name and telephone no.) to be able to participate. This could be a friend or family member, or your GP.

Please also note that this course is not intended to replace your medical care and that you need to take responsibility for yourself and seek appropriate support if necessary.

If you would like to book for this MBSR course, click here:

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or email info@footsteps-festival.co.uk putting “MBSR future courses” in your title.

Please remember places are limited.

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