Monthly Mindfulness Group


Announcement! New monthly mindfulness group planned!

Are you interested in joining a monthly “drop-in” session to remain connected with others who live with pain and share your mindfulness practice? Then this may be the session for you!

Please register your interest (button below) to book a place and receive the zoom link.

Session will be online on the 4th Friday of each month at 3pm for one hour.

MBSR was developed by Jon Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in the USA and has been used over thirty years to help people living with a range of long-term conditions including persistent pain.

What to expect from this monthly Mindfulness session?

This monthly session is designed to help those already using mindfulness to practise together to maintain our mindfulness skills and connect with others living with pain who find mindfulness useful.

The sessions will be held over Zoom, and will consist of a brief grounding practice (up to 10 mins) followed by a brief sharing and then a slightly longer practice (up to 30 mins) again with a brief opportunity to share what we notice afterwards.

We may end by reading a poem or playing a piece music that speaks to some aspect of mindfulness so feel free to suggest suitable pieces to share!

The drop-in sessions will be facilitated by Diarmuid Denenny, a chartered physiotherapist who specialises in persistent (chronic) pain, coach, and mindfulness teacher.

Who should attend?

The session is intended for anyone who has already attended a mindfulness training course (such as the 8 week MBSR programme) and who is familiar with the principles and practices of mindfulness.

It is NOT a teaching session and those who have never tried mindfulness before would not be suitable for this session. 



If you would like to book for this MBSR drop in session, click here:

Register your interest

or email putting “MBSR next monthly drop-in session booking” in your title.

Please remember places are limited.

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