Step Into Singing Block Two

Step Into Singing is a series of online singing workshops run by Opera North in collaboration with the Footsteps Festival 2021 – designed especially for people living with persistent pain.
The next block starts Tuesday 7th September 12.00 BST and is a Musical Theatre theme!
“The warm up exercises definitely enhance the benefits and last time I was aware that my pain levels significantly reduced about half an hour into the session.”

Developed in consultation with people with lived experience of persistent pain and specialist clinicians, Step Into Singing sessions intend to help you live well despite pain and discover the fun and freedom that singing can bring.  You’ll learn breathing techniques, mindfulness, vocal exercises and songs from a wide range of genres – all carefully crafted to support wellbeing and give you a healthy dose of joy!

Led by opera singer, Marie Claire BreenStep Into Singing will be a warm and welcoming place for everyone, whether you already love to sing or never utter a note. Taking place in the comfort and privacy of your own home, all you need to join is an online device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) and the willingness to give it a go. You might be surprised by what you can achieve under Marie Claire’s expert, friendly guidance.

The next block of free weekly sessions will begin on Tuesday 7th September. To sign up simply click the Book Now button which will take you to the Opera North website so follow the steps to create an Opera North account and book your FREE place.

All resources needed will be provided online during the sessions. If you have any questions at all please contact

The next block of Step into Singing will have a Musical Theatre theme! Come and join in the fun and learning!!



The next sessions will be on Zoom at 12.00pm BST on these dates:

Tuesday 7th September
Tuesday 14th September
Tuesday 21st September
Tuesday 28th September


Please press this button to go to the Opera North website to sign up! (if you signed up for the July sessions you are already signed up)


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Feedback from the first two blocks of Step Into Singing from participants

“I really enjoy how Marie Claire guides us through the session. She is so welcoming and cheery and obviously enjoys helping others enjoy singing.”

“The warm up exercises definitely enhance the benefits and last time I was aware that my pain levels significantly reduced about half an hour into the session.”

“It’s also so good to be in a group.”

“I’m loving the sessions. Thanks to everyone involved!”

“I’m personally very surprised at how its making me feel so much more confident in myself, mostly in being able to sing in front of others which is something I’ve found almost phobic level hard – and it brings me much joy which lasts for longer than the day!”

“I love these singing lessons, even though I’m deaf/blind I find it easy to follow as everyone is muted. My stress levels drop which automatically reduces my pain level. The breathing and vocal exercises are not too challenging so induce a feeling of calm. Then to finish of the chance of learning a new song. Such an enjoyable way to spend an hour.”

” With Marie Claire’s energy and warmth combined with the movements whilst working out your vocal chords etc, it can’t help but bring out the child in you. I very much enjoy the rounds as well.”

“I enjoy singing and this targeted programme has allowed me to feel comfortable singing with others without needing to be so concerned about my occasional involuntary spasms. Muting certainly helps in allowing extra freedom. A big plus also is that I think you can benefit and enjoy it whatever level of ability you have. Superb!”

“This is fabulous really helping my joint pain reduce and I really love singing the high notes especially now I’ve discovered it’s an abs workout as well!”

“The distraction is great for my joint pain too. I have hEDS.”

“Found myself actually being able to enjoy this without feeling self-conscious”

“At the beginning I couldn’t stand but now I’m up!”

“Physically feeling looser and warmer.”

“The confidence Ive got from Step into Singing has even translated into how confident I feel on my bike! Its marvellous, though I’m not sure how ready the outside world is for my ragged gasps of “Toreador” as I grind up the hills!”

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