VIDEO – Chronic Pain the Dr Seuss Way


Learn what the wisdom of Dr Seuss has to do with chronic pain! Video of the event.

Held on Monday 5th April 2021

A quirky, fun and informative presentation by Professor Cormac Ryan of Flippin’ Pain and Teesside University – followed by a lively public question and answer session with Cormac and host Niki Jones.

Learn what the wisdom of Dr Seuss has to do with chronic pain!

This is a great resource for everyone living with pain, their loved ones and health care professionals who work with people in pain. Footsteps Festival 2021 with Prof Cormac Ryan from Teesside University and the Flippin Pain Community Health champion.

Prof Ryan gives an engaging and fun presentation using a Dr Seuss book to look at some important aspects of living with pain – natural human reactions that can often be very unhelpful.

The book is “I had trouble in getting to Solla Sallew” read it or find it on YouTube before you watch, though some pages are read in the video.

He is joined by Niki Jones, one of our Festival volunteers who has lived experience of pain and the presentation is followed by a lively question and answer session.

Its a great entertaining but informative way of learning about some important parts of living with pain – sadly many people reported after the event that they had not been educated on these issues and why it was so important to be aware of them and to change your behaviour when you realise they are present. These include – fear avoidance, misdirected problem solving, hypervigilance, and the importance of acceptance, self efficiency and the understanding that while support is invaluable, ultimately the answer is within yourself.

Pick up your bats everyone – and lets get those pozzers!!!


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