VIDEO – Book Plug – Drew Coverdale “The Pain Habit”

We welcomed Drew Coverdale to the Book Plug on Tuesday 14th December to talk about his book “The Pain Habit”.


As with all Book Plugs its a relaxed and interesting on line event where you have great access to the author to listen to them discuss their book, their experiences and their motivations for writing the book. He was joined by his patient Geoff.


The video of the event is below.


Previous Book Plugs can be viewed via the Festival website in the past events in the People Place Tent or in the YouTube Playlist here.

“The Pain Habit”

Find the book here.

Goodreads reviews.


“Everyone deserves to have a life free from chronic pain. You deserve it. Are you one of the one in five people worldwide who suffer from a condition that results in living with persistent pain? The ability to recover from pain, no matter how long we have experienced it, lies within all of us. It exists within you. Not everyone knows how to achieve that. Do you? Those who do recover intuitively tap into that ability without thinking. Others don’t know where to look, then look everywhere outside of themselves, then believe recovery is impossible and finally stop looking anymore. Has that happened to you?

In The Pain Habit, Physiotherapist Drew Coverdale, after over twenty-five years of working with patients in pain, offers an enlightening outlook into the habitual patterns which lead to our pain and outlines the path to recovery. This book will help you:

  • Learn why you developed your pain
  • Change the belief associated with it
  • Understand its true meaning
  • Release the emotions attached to it
  • Start your journey to recovery

If you’ve suffered long enough and feel ready to take the steps towards becoming pain-free, you’re ready for this book.”

Find out more at Drew’s website here.




The Pain Habit book cover

Drew Coverdale


Drew Coverdale MSc is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Lecturer, Writer, and Researcher with a special interest in helping patients understand and overcome persistent pain.

Drew Coverdale

Book Plug Video – Drew Coverdale “The Pain Habit”



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