VIDEO – Origami for Wellbeing; Focusing the Mind


The video of this event is here! Please enjoy!

Make something beautiful in your hands through paper folding. No experience needed – just bring any piece of paper! Try something new and wonderful with Dr Lizzie Burns who helps people of all ages discover Origami for relaxation and to help lift mood. Lizzie has worked with those with pain conditions who have found creative activity helps bring focus, joy and discovery. Lizzie will be chatting about how creativity helps with others living with pain conditions, and taking questions while also leading us through folding together.

During the session

We will create a flower and other folds for relaxation together as a group. Lizzie has written about her work using origami in the British Medical Journal, read more here.

This session is part of ‘Made with gLove’ thanks to funding from the Lottery with a community grant.

Lizzie is regularly sharing origami at



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Dr Lizzie Burns

Following a doctorate and research Fellowship in cancer research at the University of Oxford, Lizzie became a full-time science-based artist in 2002.  Her artwork was described by the previous Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King as ‘an exciting, refreshing, optimistic view of medical sciences in oils. Brilliant’.

Lizzie combines her background in science, art and teaching to develop workshops and events to inspire and encourage creativity. Lizzie works part-time for University College Hospital supported by the UCLH Charity providing support for patients and staff in Oncology. Lizzie set up the Anti-boredom Campaign, and is a member of the British Origami Society

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