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Welcome to the Footsteps Festival and PPA Zine Library.

“Zines” are small booklets which can be made individually or collectively – historically used as social action, they provide a way of expressing your story or creativity.

This is a collection of Zines which will be added to as and when submissions are made. They are unedited, uncensored and remarkable. The Zines in the library tend to be around the topic of persistent pain – made by those who live with pain, or those who care for them – but the ways pain impact life are vast and Zines tell a story – any story – and we encourage you to enjoy these, and maybe think about making your own.

If you want to make a submission, please contact us at the email address info@footsteps-festival.co.uk with “Zines” in the subject line.

What are zines?

Let’s start with this fair question… Zines (pronounced “zeen”) are do-it-yourself personal or collective booklets made of drawings, poems, texts, collages, photographs, more texts, or more drawings… (the list does not end there). They are a way to express what you think in an unfiltered personal self-publication and share it directly with other people (or to keep for yourself). Their open approach allows a diversity of valued experiences to be shared, in multiple ways.

Historically, zines have been used as a social action tool. They represent an alternative media, conveying the reality of less represented groups and individuals who may experience stigma from the dominant culture, and advocating for social change. Health-related zines became popular over the last few years, aiming at putting health conditions expertise back into the hands of the people who live them.


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A great Zine blog we enjoy working with. Visit here.



making a zine

How do you make a Zine?

Zines exist under many sizes and shapes. The most commonly used ones are simply made from an A4 page, folded into a small booklet. From here, all expressional mediums are allowed: collages, drawings, words, stamps, glitters, etc. This open format makes zines inclusive, there is no need to be an artist to share our experiences and make a zine powerful.


Basic tool kit:

–          A blank A4 page

–          Scissors

–          1 Pen

To this, add anything else you have available and want to use to express yourself: magazines, glue, colour pencil, stamps, glitters, etc.

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Zine Library.


The copyright to each Zine is retained by the author.


Resting Zine

A zine about the importance of resting by Nicola.

Find her here


Words Zine

A Zine about Words by Nicola (as above)


I Broke Zine

A poem about the experience of prescribed opioid withdrawal.

Written by Niki Jones @Fizzbw


Women of Colour

A Zine by Ciara Rose.

“To every girl, young lady and woman of colour that feels unheard, underrepresented and different. Know that your difference is not a weakness but a strength. Your invisibility is not your burden but the insecurities of society. Your silence is not your sword but your armour.

You are unique.”


Never Give Up Zine

A Zine titled “Never give up” by Anon


Psychologically Informed Practice

A Zine about the concept of Psychologically Informed Practice by Health Care Practitioner Camille – while she does not live with pain herself, she works with people who do, and wanted to show a reflective mood.

Please remember if you want to make your own Zine we would LOVE to receive your submissions!

If you want to contribute to the Zine Library, message us at info@footsteps-festival.co.uk for information on how to do this – but its not hard and we really want to make this a way people can tell THEIR stories in THEIR way. Hopefully we will be running future Zine making workshops.

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