Video – Book Plug – Dr Monty Lyman “The Painful Truth”

Join Dr Monty Lyman and his guest Ben Morris as he discusses his brilliant book “The Painful Truth – The new science of why we hurt and how we can heal”
This event was held on Thursday 25th November and the video is below.


As usual with Book Plug the author presents the book, his motivation for writing it, and what he feels it brings to the public.



“The Painful Truth – The new science of why we hurt and how we can heal” – Dr Monty Lyman

Check out the book here.

A philosophical and medical journey through the experience of pain, used as a prism to marvel at biology, psychology and what it means to be human.

We know pain when we feel it. We fear it and try to avoid it. But do we know what it really is?

We’re currently experiencing a Renaissance in pain science. In recent years our understanding of pain has altered so radically it’s fair to say that everything we thought we knew about pain is wrong. As Dr Monty Lyman reveals, we misunderstand pain – with harmful consequences. Exploring cutting-edge research and encompassing phantom aches to persistent pain, and interviews with survivors of torture as well as those who have never felt pain, Dr Lyman not only provides hope for reducing and managing pain but takes us to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

This is the untold story of pain – our most inexplicable feeling.

The Painful Truth book cover


what causes the placebo effect? What is phantom limb pain? why does pain continue after the injury is healed?

Dr Monty Lyman

Dr Monty Lyman is a doctor and research fellow at the University of Oxford. His first book, The Remarkable Life of the Skin, was shortlisted for the 2019 Royal Society Science Book Prize, was a Radio 4 Book of the Week and a Sunday Times Book of the Year. He has given many talks at national conferences and has won several essay prizes, including the 2020 Royal Society of Medicine pain essay prize. He lives in Oxford, England.

Dr Monty Lyman

Monty’s Guest

Ben Morris is a freelance book and magazine illustrator. His pain journey began with an accident when hillwalking in 1993 and he has been living with persistent pain ever since.

Alongside medication, his pain management routine involves regular swimming and yoga. And, in addition to this, he has been inspired by The Painful Truth to work on retraining his brain through the various interventions suggested in the book.

Ben joins Monty and host Diarmuid at the Book Plug..

The Book Plug with Monty Lyman Video


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